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We are a group of business partners, committed to test new, sustainable and practical solutions in the field of vegetable and fruit cultivation, and green plants in the sports and public sector and implement such new technologies. With new systems, amongst other things, we reduce consumption in irrigation by up to eighty percent. We see ourselves as an interface between science and practical applications. The eco-technologies are imperative at a time when we want to guarantee future generations' healthy food and living environments. Only with drastic conservation of resources and the strict use of natural, toxin-free components, is this goal achievable. So, no use of chemicals, no residue on the finished products, quality in terms of taste, size, apperance, rapid grow, strength and better profit, if compared to conventional production and planting. Here we clearly want to take a leading role and bring producers, retailers and governments our new methods and recommendations as efficiently as possible, for the benefit of each individual client and the general public.